General Wellness Packages

Whether you want to get more out of your visa medical, or just looking for a general health check, Smart Salem offers comprehensive wellness testing.

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Our range of wellness packages help customers to enhance wellbeing, sharpen mental acuity, boost energy and identify preventable illnesses.


425 AED
725 AED
995 AED
Doctor's Consultation
Vitamin Profile (2 tests)
Complete blood cound (20 tests)
Testerone Total (2 tests)
Kidney/Renal Profile ( 5 Tests)
Thyroid Profile (3 tests)
Iron Deficiency Profile (3 tests)
Liver Profile (11 tests)
Diabetic Screen (2 tests)
Electrolyte Profile (2 tests)
Pancreatic Profile (2 tests)
Cardiac Profile (6 tests)
Arthritis Profile (2 tests)
Ferritin Profile (2 tests)
Folic Acid Profile (1 tests)
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